An Appeal Requires Specialized Litigation Expertise

William Driscoll is a Massachusetts appeals attorney whose statewide practice is devoted to appellate litigation before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court (the SJC). Attorney Driscoll's understanding of the appellate judges' mindset enhances the client's chance of winning on appeal.

Attorney Driscoll regularly practices in the appellate court. He is best equipped to navigate the specialized rules of appellate procedure, select the right issues and arguments to advance, write a brief that focuses on what matters to the judicial audience, and craft an oral argument that meets the judge's needs.

One Focus Spanning All Legal Issues

The appellate lawyer's focus is on making the appropriate legal arguments spanning many legal practice areas. Within the appropriate standard of review, in support of affirmance or reversal on appeal. Unlike in the trial court, the particular legal topic is secondary. For an overview, you may wish to read the answers to appellate questions frequently posed to Appeal Attorney William Driscoll.

Statewide Representation of Clients on Appeal

The Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court (the SJC) are both located in Boston. As a result, Attorney Driscoll effectively handles appeals statewide; from Cape Cod to Cape Ann, Boston to Worcester, Springfield to the Berkshires and all other points.

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NEWS: Attorney Driscoll prevails in precedent setting appeal declaring mandatary private-pay pre-litigation mediation unconstitutional!